Bunion pain reviewed by Dr. Marc Blatstein

Bx vs No BxAccording to Dr. Marc Blatstein, Bunion pain is one of the more common conditions treated by podiatric surgeons. The usual complain is one of pain when wearing certain shoes, or whenever there was pressure on applied to the side of the big toe. This discomfort may become present  both with & without shoe gear.  Treatment, Dr. Marc Blatstein says  may start with  a change in shoe gear or a modification, padding, orthotics  and  even a change to a completely different type of shoe. The use of pads and cushions to reduce the pressure over the bone can also be helpful for mild bunion deformities.

Should all conservative measures be exhausted, then a consult with your physician to discuss surgery is appropriate. paint-Bx-XrayA complete history & physical exam along with a review of the patient’s x-rays as well as the medical, social and family history with responsibilities are discussed so that the best option for care can be decided. Should surgery be the treatment of choice, almost all surgical procedures require some cutting and at times repositioning the first metatarsal bone along with the hallux or big toe. The range or severity of a Bunion deformity presents from mild to moderate and lastly severe, these too will  be reviewed with your surgeon.

Following surgery, the bone can take 6-8 weeks or longer to heal. While the skin and bone has the appearance of healing without complication in 6-12 weeks, it can take up to a year to feel 100%. Lastly Dr. Marc Blatstein wanted to add that surgery is both an art and science. It is important to keep that in mind because even though every possible precaution is taken during your surgical procedure, complications can occur. It is important to review these too with your surgeon, and then follow his instructions.

Dr. Marc Blatstein, Bunion Deformity

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